Welcome to the home page of the Herefordshire Health and Safety Group (HHSG). The Group was formed in 1968 with the purpose of providing free advice, information and support to companies and individuals who have an interest in health, safety and environmental issues, something which is still at the heart of everything we do today.

Our seminars, which we organise for our members, cover a wide range of subjects reflecting current health, safety and environmental issues. As a Group we promote networking so that our members can share best practice for common problems.

Five reasons to join HHSG:

·         Low membership fee – £40 per annum
·         At least 8 seminars per year – all free to members
·         Local networking opportunities
·         Free advice and support where possible to both newly appointed and established H,S & E advisors
·         Visits and advice available for charities and the voluntary sector

If you are not a member but would like to know more contact our secretary at info@herefordhsg.co.uk and join one of our seminars but better still fill out an application form (link on top of the page) to become a member today – it’s money well spent!!

We look forward to seeing you soon.


Dear Members,

2020 was a difficult year for this country and we as a Group faced the same issues as everyone else. Our face to face meetings were cancelled to be replaced by on-line Zoom meetings. We all had to learn new skills in communicating our message whilst dealing with Covid 19.

Covid 19 dominated the agenda in 2020 and the danger is that other health, safety and environmental topics have ‘slipped’ – our seminars planned for 2021 aim to try to re-address this imbalance.

If you have any questions or queries which you think we could help with please contact us on line or on Facebook – we’ll help wherever we can. We look forward, one day, to welcoming you to face to face get-togethers again but until then stay safe and keep healthy.


COVID 19 Guidance.

Everywhere you look there is advice about Covid 19. We have put together a list of links to web sites which we think offer the best guidance click here for details

The attached file gives details of the web sites mentioned.

HHSG COVID Guidance 2021